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Paula Eagles is an experienced psycho-spiritual adviser, clairvoyant, tarot/aura reader, Reiki Master, certified Reflexologist, creative entrepreneur and dynamic workshop leader who brings insight, compassion and a deep personal understanding to all of her work. Her eclectic life experience and varied educational background include an Hon B.A. in (neuro) Psychology, experience in theatre arts, art-wear design and creation, life-skills coaching and counseling high-risk young offenders.

From an early and profound spiritual awakening in her late teens, Paula has faithfully followed her own path, inner truth and higher guidance and has developed her metaphysical skills and esoteric knowledge the old fashioned way – through direct personal experience and deep contemplation. During a transitional phase in her late 30s, Paula was guided to learn and incorporate holistic healing practices into her life as she addressed, and resolved, a series of health issues (instigated by 5 whiplashes in 9 years), an experience which brought a deeper appreciation and broader perspective of the connection between body, mind and spirit. Over the past three decades she has honed her skills as an intuitive life coach and since 2001 has conducted workshops on many metaphysical topics, such as spiritual-psychic development, tarot exploration and Reiki training, to name a few. Her life is dedicated to expanding her own holistic-spiritual awareness and inspiring others to do the same.

Roy Conrad is Paula’s life partner who holds a FT job but joyfully contributes to the business in any way that he can. Roy has held an interest in new age subjects most of his life, has studied some in depth and loves to continually add to his knowledge and skills in this realm. Roy is an exceptionally gifted and grounded Reiki Master, a highly skilled jack (master)-of-all-trades and creative craftsman who always gives from his heart.

The Business   

Located in Guelph, Ontario – Canada • 226.218.7089
Owned and operated by Paula Eagles (primary) and Roy Conrad

The physical retail store was closed in May 2012.

Originally established in 1999 as a trade-show/home based business offering psychic readings, holistic energy treatments and a small array of holistic goods, hand-made décor and art-wear products, Eagles and Auracles transitioned naturally from these humble beginnings into a series of ever-expanding retail spaces – starting in the summer of 2001 in a quaint little boardwalk shop in the tourist destination Elora (Ontario) followed by 10 years in two consecutive locations in downtown Guelph (13 Quebec St and Royal Plaza). In the spring of 2012, the final shift was made to Web/home-based sales and services.
The decision to close our increasingly popular store was not made lightly – with 11 years of careful crafting, this mystical one-stop shop and labour of love established itself as a highly regarded and much loved “destination location”. Described as unique, beautiful, magical, and healing, an ‘adventure’ and ‘blissful sanctuary’, the store was a safe and welcoming haven where customers could embrace a multitude of cultural and spiritual belief systems, learn new skills, and discover their own inner treasures through the spiritual services available. Our many loyal patrons graciously supported us through this transition and for that and the many years of patronage, we are eternally grateful to them.

The downsizing was a necessary step to create time for new ventures.
Our new business focus is primarily on “tools and techniques for transformation” and away from the hundreds of gift items that we have supplied over the years. Some of the products now carried may include “one of a kind” items (gemstones) and/or other merchandise that is off-line/ in stock or otherwise available for us to order for you … so, if you can’t find what you’re looking for be sure to send us a special request. As for the “techniques”, we still offer a wide (and always evolving) array of workshops and are working at creating downloadable courses; our services similarly continue to expand and shift with the times.

We hope you enjoy your virtual experience of Eagles and Auracles as we aspire to capture on-line, at least in small part, the magic that the actual store once embodied.

Easy Access to/within Guelph

If you are planning to visit, you’ll be delighted with the easy highway and street access to our location. We are just over an hour from Toronto/GTA (to the east) and London (to the west) with easy access off Hwy #401 via the Hanlon Expressway (Hwy #6N) to the Wellington Street East exit. We are also within 30 mins of Kitchener-Waterloo (to the NW) and Cambridge (to the SW) and are about 45 mins north of Hamilton, Oakville, the Niagara area and Brantford. Guelph is a picturesque and historically significant city, nestled in a greenbelt, with beautiful architecture, great restaurants and friendly people making for a guaranteed wonderful and worthwhile visit!
Please Note: Specific location details will be given at time of booking.

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