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Intuitive Readings & Holistic Healing

Our services fall into two categories, Intuitive Readings and Holistic Healing sessions. Within each category there are numerous selections from which to choose and these options may also be combined to suit your current needs. For instance, within your 1hr healing session you may choose to combine Reiki with tuning forks or crystal healing; another option might be to combine any healing session with your Intuitive reading.

Visit each of these Sub-sections for detailed information. Our complete list of Classes and Workshop Series are in their own category (description only) – please check News & Current Events for currently scheduled courses.

Over the years we have continually added to our holistic “tool kit” and as we grow we look forward to offering new and exciting services and to sharing these new developments with you as they unfold. Even the style and tools used in the Intuitive Readings have changed considerably over time. Aura readings were the cornerstone of the original foundation of Eagles and Auracles (as the word-play implies) and still remain an integral part of the services offered by Paula. As one of the first, and still few, Canadians to own the German made Aurastar 2000TM (currently named the Biopulsar*), we are proud to offer many years of experience utilizing the most advanced aura imaging system available. Paula also uses her psychic gifts (developed since her teens) through palmistry and assorted oracle readings, including the tarot. See Paula’s Bio for more info.

*Our Aurastar system is the original three-hand plate unit which is designed to measure a wide range of hand sizes, from children to large adults.


Please note that advance booking is required for all services.
Please inquire about Group Readings and volume rates.
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