Holistic Healing

Reduce Stress ~ Rebalance your Energy ~ Realign Your Chakras ~ Refresh Your Spirit ~ Rekindle Your Soul

     reiki hands    Tuning Forks    energy spirals

Enjoy a relaxing session of vibrational healing with your choice of the following modalities:

  • Reiki – Axiatonal Alignment – Tuning Forks – Singing Bowls – Crystals

    You may also combine any of the above: max 2 options – 30 min Session, max 3 – 60 min Session, up to 5 – 90 min Session

  • 30 minutes ……….. $50+hst
  • 60 minutes ……….. $80+hst
  • 90 minutes ……….. $120+hst
  • ADD a Pre-Post Aura Assessment to your Session
    extra 25 mins ……. $40+hst
    (see Intuitive Readings section for more details on Aura Reading services)

WHEE™ Sessions

Learn to Tap into Whole Healing – Easily and Effectively with this Wholistic Hybrid of EMDR and EFT …
Rapid and effective release of issues affecting Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.
For session prices follow the above fee schedule.
For more information about WHEE follow the link to the founder’s website –
Dan Benor (M.D.-U.S.) http://www.wholistichealingresearch.com/wheeportal.html

Please Note:  Initial appointment is booked as a 1-hour session (allow an extra 5-10 minutes to complete a brief Intake Form).
All subsequent appointments may be of any length. Please dress comfortably.

Please refer to the Services/General Info Section for more information or Contact Us now to book an appointment.

Reduce Stress ~ Rebalance your Energy ~ Realign Your Chakras ~ Refresh Your Spirit ~ Rekindle Your Soul

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