Intuitive Readings

Aura readings were the cornerstone of the original foundation of Eagles and Auracles (as the word-play implies) and continue to be an integral part of the services offered by Paula. As one of the first, and still few, Canadians to own the German-made Aurastar 2000™ (currently named the Biopulsar), we are proud to offer many years of experience utilizing the most advanced aura imaging system available. Paula also uses her intuitive gifts (developed since her teens) through assorted oracle readings, including the tarot. All options listed below include intuitive information.  All readings are confidential. Prices include a digital recording of your session.

Holistic healing sessions are also available through appointment.
See Paula’s Bio for more info. Please note that advance booking is required for all services.


deckDisplayTarot Readings 

These sessions include the use of a variety of different oracle decks, in addition to the tarot.
Note: You may ADD $1/min for additional time, if available.
30 minutes ……….. $55+hst
60 minutes ……….. $80+hst


aura_samplesAura Readings

The Aurastar 2000™ (Biopulsar) is a biofeedback/ aura-imaging system that measures the entire energy field from the physical to the spiritual level by accessing energy output via the palm (using reflexology and kinesiology); the computer program then produces a detailed colour image of the aura (over the Vitruvian Man template) and a comprehensive 21pg written analysis package (full session only). With time permitting, card and/or palm readings may also be included in your session.

Note: You may ADD $1/min for additional time, if available.

  • Overview: 40 minutes ……. $65+hst -Includes aura image & brochure length information pkg
  • In-Depth: 70 minutes …….. $95+hst-Includes aura image & Aurascope Analysis pkg (approx. 20 pgs)

Some themes that may be covered during  your Reading:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Career Decisions
  • Your Year Ahead
  • Children and Family Matters
  • Two Paths/ Possibilities
  • Karmic/ Spiritual Lessons
  • Messages from the Spirit Realm: guides, loved ones
  • Past, Present & Future Aspects as relevant to current Issues
  • A Detailed and Clarifying Overview of any Problem/issue
  • Energetic influences in the Auric Field*
  • Health and Wellness*

*Images and sensations derived from the client’s auric field are interpreted as an energetic imprint and are not a substitute for medical advice – please consult an appropriate medical professional for serious health concerns.

Please refer to the Services/General Info Section for more information or Contact Us now to book an appointment.

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