Esoteric Topics


Numerology Series

number imageNumbers – we’re becoming increasingly preoccupied (and inundated) with them. We are instinctively drawn to them – we feel a connection to a favourite number and sometimes even notice oddly recurring numeric patterns throughout the day, but did you know that the power and allure of numbers goes much deeper? The esoteric art/science of Numerology holds that numbers trace back to the very root of creation and contain the mysteries of all life, some of which are embedded in our unique identities. Unlock the core meaning of the numbers that define your life and learn about the deeper fundamental aspects of your personality and life path in this enlightening series.

Numerology 1: Introduction to Numerology
This workshop will give each participant an overview of the principles of numerology as well as a basic personal profile and look ahead for the current/upcoming year … there’s always time to get in sync and set new goals!  Cost: $35+hst (2.5hrs)

Numerology 2: Deeper Aspects of Personality  (Prereq-Part 1)
Explore the deeper levels of your personality, identify your karmic lessons and discover what really motivates you in this sequel to the introductory numerology class. Cost: $35+hst (2.5hrs)


Palmistry Series

palm linesIntroduction to Palmistry 
Learn to identify the main lines on your hands, your personal style, strengths, challenges, hidden talents and more in this class. Cost: $45+hst (2.5hrs)

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