Reiki Courses

reiki handsReiki is a Japanese healing technique that is based on the concept that we all co-exist within the field of ki (chi) or the universal life force, an energy field that embodies its own intelligence and the wisdom to naturally seek or create harmony. Through training and attunements, the student learns how to connect with/channel this flow of energy and acquires increasing skills and techniques with each level of proficiency. Reiki is a safe, simple and highly effective technique that anyone can learn to use for self-healing or helping others.

For historical references and other helpful resources check out:,   Canadian Reiki Association  and Wm. Rand’s International Center for Reiki Training

  • Usui Reiki Level 1 – Certification Course
    Learn how to use this popular energy healing modality on yourself and others. This course covers the history and applications of Reiki, a comprehensive overview of the human energy field, a first-degree attunement to the Usui system of Reiki and hands-on exercises. All course materials, including manual, are supplied.
    Cost: $150+hst (9 -12hrs)
  • Usui Reiki Level 2 – Certification Course
    In this Level 2 class, you will receive your second Reiki attunement and learn how to direct your healing skills through the use of symbols and distance healing techniques; plenty of hands-on experience will solidify your heightened skills. Completion of Reiki Level 1 (from any teacher) is a prerequisite. All course materials supplied. Cost: $250+hst (6.5-8hrs)
  • Advanced Usui Reiki – Certification Course
    This course adds the master symbol and an additional attunement to your Reiki foundation. Advanced Reiki training also includes instruction in aura clearing and the proper use of crystals for healing and grid layouts. Manual and crystals included.   Cost: $250+hst (6.5-8hrs)
  • Usui Reiki Master– Certification Course
    This course is for the student interested in passing on the gift of Reiki to others; you will receive your final attunement, learn additional symbols, add new healing techniques to your toolkit and finally, learn how to do attunements on others. Master manual included. *Cost: $650+hst (8-12hrs)

* Early registration/payment discount (10%) if paid in full 10 days prior to start date.

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