Spirit Shares

Spirit-Share Gatherings
Originally developed in 2005, these spirit-share gatherings were created to offer participants the opportunity to explore and develop their skills within a variety of spiritual areas. They are a forum for practice and development of intuitive and holistic skills primarily through guided exercises and discussion and do NOT include any formal training or instruction. Depending on the subject matter, a certain level of prerequisite qualifications or knowledge and experience may be required.
Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and bring a notebook (if appropriate).
Each Share is approximatley 2hrs and cost $10.

Healing (Reiki) Share
An opportunity to “share the love” – discussions, meditations and giving-receiving treatments. Anyone with a minimum of Level 1 Reiki or certification in another healing modality is welcome!

Meditation Share
Open to all seekers of inner-peace – a variety of meditation techniques will be explored/shared. No experience necessary. Be sure to dress comfortably and bring a cushion if required.

Psychic Explorations Share
These gatherings are designed to enhance one’s knowledge and skills through exploring a variety of psychic techniques and discussing broader spiritual themes. Spiritual-Psychic Foundation course or equivalent (moderate) knowledge, experience and familiarity with psychic/spiritual terminology and practices is required.

Intuitive Readings Share
Bring your favourite oracle, deck or divination skill to this gathering and practice doing readings on others in the group. Beginners (self-sufficient) to advanced practitioners welcome.

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