Spiritual-Psychic Development Series

Spiritual-Psychic Development (SPD) Series

Everyone has psychic potential – all it takes to ignite your intuition is a flair for risk-taking, a suspension of self-judgment and a deep desire to play in the unknown! In this eight (8) part, Two Level Series, you will be guided through the steps toward enlightened and heightened awareness. With progressive, theme related intuitive exercises and instruction, we hope to offer you a template for a life-long journey of development. This program is for those looking to gain insight into the intuitive process and the means to develop their own unique path – geared for serious seekers of inner development!

The Level 1:1 Foundation course is a prerequisite for all further courses; once completed, any/ all Level 1 classes may be taken. All Level 1 classes are required prior to advancement to Level 2.  Each class in the series is approx. 6hrs in length and offered on a Saturday or over 2 evenings. Cost of each class: $80+hst or Refresher: $50 (Prepay 4/$80 classes and save $40). Condensed-combined courses may also be offered at different rates.

SPD – Level 1:1 Foundation
In this course you will be given an overview of the psychic arts, an introduction to the human energy field (the aura and chakras), and will learn how to establish the groundwork for your own spiritual growth.  Also included are exercises to help you identify your strengths and challenges as well as a variety of quick and fun intuitive explorations!

SPD – Level 1:2 Know Thyself  
This class covers the key (and lasting) ingredients for deep transformation and growth. By using a variety of tools and exercises, we take an in-depth look at identifying the personal challenges and strengths that bring us toward higher self-awareness. Traditional and modern perspectives on spirituality will be examined and a variety of meditation techniques will be explored. The topics discussed and exercises given will fuel your continued work in spiritual self-exploration.

SPD – Level 1:3 Energy
This workshop expands further on the human energy field introduced in the Foundation course, and includes coverage of the Secondary Chakras as well as the Psychic Potential of each of the 7 Major Chakras. Throughout the day, we will explore, in theory and practice, the intricate nature of our Inner and Outer Energetic Matrices and develop ways to strengthen these connections.

SPD – Level 1:4 Healing
As Intuitives, our role as “healers” takes on a myriad of meanings and increased personal responsibility to self and others. In this class, we take a deeper look into the Higher Heart and compassion as a means of psychic connection and healing as well as the role that intention plays in the development and dissolution of “dis-ease”.

SPD – Level 2:5 Your Unique Expression
We begin the second level of the series with an exploration of the many modalities or spiritual pathways used for psychic expression. Discover which methods fit you best during this day of play and experimentation with various divination tools and internal techniques!

SPD – Level 2:6 Developing Vision 
Learning to see and hear clearly is the ultimate goal of the psychic. Techniques to develop clairvoyance/audience, aura reading, remote viewing and more!

SPD – Level 2:7 Channelling 
“Flying without a net” may be a better title for this class!  Learning to trust your connection to higher-self, spirit guides and the source itself is the goal of this class; come prepared for a day filled with meditative exercises and hands-on practice!

SPD – Level 2:8 Ascension
Humanity is on the brink of an evolutionary shift – learn the “what, where and how” of ascension as we examine this timely topic.

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