Tarot Courses

tarotFoolMagiFrom sources unknown, this ancient divination tool has stood the test of time because it works!  In this tarot series, you will discover how accessible this 78-card deck can be for anyone searching for both the big and little answers to life’s questions. The tarot can be used to gain insight into complex situations and potential outcomes, to bring clarity into relationship dynamics, to assist one in developing intuition and, most importantly, to bring a deeper understanding to the meaning and mysteries of life. It remains one of the most profound tools available to navigate through the Hero’s (Fool’s) Journey – a path each and every one of us must travel.

Tarot Development Series
Each Level is a prerequisite for the next level (exceptions permitted with appropriate experience). Each class (Part) is approx. 6hrs in length and offered on a Saturday or over 2 evenings. Cost of each class: $80+hst or Refresher: $50.

Level 1: Tarot for Everyone

Part 1 – This fun and informative class will introduce you to the multi-faceted nature and components of the Tarot, including the history, mystery and many applications of this timeless spiritual tool. The fundamentals of numerology and suit symbolism are discussed allowing one to transfer the knowledge and interpret any deck.

Part 2– This class delivers a comprehensive beginners’ level examination of the 3-part structure of the tarot: the Minor and Major Arcana and the Court cards; the sacred science of numerology and suit symbolism are deeper explored.

Level 2: Tarot for Readers

Part 1– Learning to identify “people”, timelines and other mundane details is the theme of this class; course material includes a deeper examination of personality traits in the court cards and the role of astrology.

Part 2– In this experiential workshop, the focus is on developing a clear intuitive connection with the cards, strengthening your reading skills through practice and understanding the nature of different spreads.

Level 3: Tarot for Seekers

Part 1– This course covers the deeper symbolism in the cards and the esoteric connections to the sacred sciences/arts.

Part 2– The tarot as a tool for transformation and magic is revealed through the study of fairy tales and mythological        archetypes.

Part 3– Advanced analysis of the Arcana and examining the relationship between the two decks.

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